OK, Here’s The Secret To Marketing Success (Shhhhhh)

It’s the question every marketing strategist has heard: What’s the secret sauce?

Well, friends, the answer and reason most companies need a virtual CMO: Marketing must become as ingrained in your daily business tasks as answering emails, paying bills, holding team meetings and prepping for customer pitches. Practice literally makes perfect.

There isn’t a clever little shortcut that gets you off the hook. Marketing takes time, strategy, clarity, agility, consistency, creativity and commitment. And then it takes more of the same. That’s why most business leaders slide marketing onto a shadowy corner of their desk to gather dust; they don’t have the time or interest in crafting the processes and strategies needed to effectively market their companies.

It’s also the reason many companies, particularly start-ups, should consider outsourcing their marketing. Already facing a full plate of responsibilities, rarely does a new entrepreneur have the bandwidth to consistently plan, execute and track marketing efforts. They certainly don’t have time to create seamless workflows between leadership, sales and marketing to inform long-term marketing campaigns. By hiring a marketing consultant, your business gets the experience, insight and time of an expert without overburdening the existing team.

I’ll share another secret: Marketing experts often focus purely on certain vertical markets (such as technology), bringing wide networks and deep relationships in addition to their experience, yielding better results and providing a larger point of view into your industry. That can be invaluable as you step into the spotlight and start selling against well-established competitors with fully staffed marketing teams supported by tried and true processes that enable agile marketing.

An interesting blog on five quick tips for making marketing a habit included this reminder: “Businesses that consider marketing an investment rather than an expense are more likely to succeed at committing to regular marketing activities.” The blog goes on to recommend turning marketing into a daily, habitual activity—something I would argue is better handled by a business partner who can accelerate your marketing success while you focus on business growth.

To learn more about how Generate Marketing & Communications can craft your perfect marketing strategy, drop us a line.

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