Congrats, you’re launching a new product. What’s your marketing plan?

You’ve worked through the steps: brainstorming your idea, finding the funding, engaging with the right team, working out the kinks, executing the plan. Now it’s time to launch your new product. And it may be the next market disruptor … but are you ready to tell your story?

While launching a new business or product can take months—even years—many entrepreneurs are so absorbed in the development and execution of their ideas that they overlook a similar plan for the messaging strategy that’s essential to success. If you can’t tell your story in a clear, concise and compelling manner, it really doesn’t matter if your idea is revolutionary. No one will ever know.

As you gear up for your debut into the marketplace, consider this:

Perfect your message. Do you have your mission, vision, elevator pitch and About You nailed down? Is your entire team ready to talk with prospective customers? Can you articulate why a customer needs your product quickly and without any jargon?

Website. Check. Does your website language and look reflect your motivation and culture? Is it easy to navigate and pre-populated with thought leadership content to lure prospects into engagement? Do you have a plan for nurturing your audience after the launch?

Your social media on fire. Your presence on social platforms must be an extension of that website, but with more personality and honed for each tool. But to start with, are your profiles complete, aligned with your message both in content and visually? Do you have a content plan for your launch—everything from teasing the launch to visual countdowns? Is there a full editorial calendar in place, complete with branded graphics and pre-written posts?

Do you know who you’re talking to? Build your audience personas. Think through each step of the engagement process from prospect to happy customer.

Keep telling your story. What’s your plan for media pitches, blog posts, thought leadership contributions?

If that list makes your head spin, then consider that you may need to add one more person to your team: a communications strategist who tackles your marketing plan with as much creativity and enthusiasm as you have used to face down your business dreams.

Want some more in-depth advice? Check out this fantastic advice on strategic planning and inexpensive steps to create buzz for your product launch.

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