What’s In A Name?

In the case of Generate Marketing & Communications, it’s a two-for-one scenario. We “generate” communications strategy, insightful content and fun social engagement concepts, creating something engaging along the way—sincere connections that grow into enduring partnerships.

The Generate Marketing & Communications name also has a little bit of me in it. The “Gen” comes from my cool, creative parents who didn’t want me to share the same name as a million other Jennifers born in the 1960s. The truth is, I’ve always enjoyed having a little piece of me that doesn’t quite fit into everyone’s puzzle. That one simple letter makes people stop, ask questions, smile and tell me how cool it is that my name is uncommon. It might be the “G” that makes you remember me from my work with Ingram Micro or my role at Business Solutions magazine. If you’re from Erie, you may remember that “G” from when it was associated with Young Erie Professionals or Mercyhurst University. But chances are, if you’ve worked with me over the years, “Gen with G” is lodged in your memory.

Exceptional marketing is no different. It should make you pause, draw you in, compel you to ask questions. People often collapse into the ruins of jargon, clichés, and phrases like “at the end of the day” when they write about business. There’s no need for that silliness. Words are powerful and with the right strategy, they can be your business’ best weapon in a crowded marketplace. Outstanding communications should use the precise words to inspire your customers, win over critics, share your triumphs and build the foundation for the partnerships essential to every successful business endeavor.

When you’re ready to move away from the “best in class,” “industry leader” and “world-class support” platitudes, and start talking about your business in a compelling, memorable way—come chat with us. We’ll make sure your communications and marketing are as engaging and personable as you are, opening the door to those conversations—in person and digitally—that generate partnerships.




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